Customer's Voice

customer's voice


I got the goods, so I saw them right away. My husband was very happy with a more beautiful shirt than I saw on the net. Thank you for answering the size carefully.

Nakano -sama

It is an impression that I tried through the sleeves. The fabric was thicker and solid than I had imagined. I thought it would be better to match it with slacks and leather shoes because it was a kimono, but it fits well in jeans. This was a nice miscalculation.


Anyway, the reaction from around is good. Both women and men ask about shirts. It is a shirt that makes you want to talk to people. I'm satisfied.

Mr. Enoe

I bought it for going out, but it was so beautiful that I wore it immediately. I thought it would be difficult to handle because it was silk, but it is easy to wear and comfortable. I can't say if the fabric grows more, but it can't be helped because it's a kimono. I think the size is one size larger as written.

Kotaro Abe

I bought a shirt for Oshima Tsumugi. I had never touched the fabric, so I was worried a lot, but because of the video, the image of gloss and color was easy to understand. At the end, I heard about the feel and size over the phone, and if it was different from what I thought, it was possible to return it, so my worries were resolved and I was able to purchase it. The product arrived in two days and it was very quick. The shirt was, of course, the best. I am very satisfied. I would be glad if there was a store in Tokyo and I could actually see the shirt. From now on, this is my expectation.


I have been loving Aloha shirts for many years. Every year, I buy 2-3 clothes at familiar shops, and my house has more than 50 collections. As I got older, it became troublesome to wear bright and flashy colors, and I was looking for something more calm and met nerds. There were many calm, elegant pattern shirts, and I was worried about looking at the product on the homepage for about a month. I was really worried because new works came out while I was worried. It was my first time to buy clothes online, but thank you very much for your kind explanation on the phone. When I was worried about the shirt with a red flower on the turtle shell, I heard that the saotetsu and roses were motifs, so I decided to make it interesting because it was an impossible pattern with other Aloha shirts. I remember that I was looking forward to arrival and couldn't sleep on the day I bought it. The shirt that arrived is a red flower pattern, but the base is dark navy. It was an overwhelming presence that was not in the collection so far. It is definitely my treasure shirt.

Kimono Remake

Kimono remake | Oshima Tsumugi shirt

"Oshima Tsumugi" is the most common kimono fabric for remakes in Far East Fabric. Oshima Tsumugi, which shines in the world's three largest fabrics, features a unique touch and a deep color of mud dyeing. It is the finest fabric loved by many kimono fans.

Introducing the charm of Oshima Tsumugi

There is only one piece in the world, your own kimono Aloha

Kimono shirts made by fur east fabric are made from kimono fabric that can no longer be worn.

All are one shirt.
There is no one as one.

One piece that is perfect for your sensitivity
Please find it.

The kimono that is discarded is unwilled, one, and the thread, returned to the original fabric, and is newly made into a shirt or jacket by the craftsman.

Kimonos are one of the custom -made items one by one.
In other words, there are two shirts made from this world, only one item in the world.

What kind of fabric can we meet next and what kind of kimono remake can be created next?
I am looking forward to a new encounter every day.

I hope you can meet your own. And I hope as many kimonos will be revived in the present age.

Now, let's enjoy kimono!



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