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I have been wearing a shirt for two years. This year, I bought a jacket for the first time for winter. It is a surprising lightness. Still Oshima Tsumugi. There is a sense of luxury because it is firm and glossy. As advised, I wore it with jeans, but my friend I met after a long time asked me, "Which brand clothes?" I wear it at any time because it doesn't wrinkle. I am looking forward to the new work because I want to wear it.

Ueno -sama

When has you been impressed by buying clothes? I was really surprised that even if I wore it all day, I would not have one wrinkle. And anyway, it is light, so my shoulders are not stiff. I don't think I can wear anything other than this. It is a word as expected.

Mr. Morijo

I had my mother's kimono remake a shirt for me and my son, and this year's tray went to visit my mother's grave. The children were living away, so being able to wear a matching shirt with the family was an irreplaceable memory. I think my mother is also happy. I was grateful for this relationship because I thought I had no choice but to dispose of it. thank you very much.

Kimono Remake

Kimono remake | Oshima Tsumugi shirt

"Oshima Tsumugi" is the most common kimono fabric for remakes in Far East Fabric. Oshima Tsumugi, which shines in the world's three largest fabrics, features a unique touch and a deep color of mud dyeing. It is the finest fabric loved by many kimono fans.

Introducing the charm of Oshima Tsumugi

There is only one piece in the world, your own kimono Aloha

Kimono shirts made by Fur East Fabric are made from kimono fabric that can no longer be worn.

All are one shirt.
There is no one as one.

One piece that is perfect for your sensitivity
Please find it.

Light and durable.
Because the kimono is silk, you will be surprised at the lightness first. It is said that it is durable enough to inherit from parents to children and grandchildren for three generations. You can wear it for a long time.

It is hard to wrinkle.
Also, it does not wrinkle compared to wool and cotton. You can wear it without hesitation even when you eat, travel, or drive.

To the outfit that people envy.
Needless to say, the color and pattern are elegant. By wearing jeans and slacks, such as your usual clothes, you can create a higher -grade outfit that is different from people.



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