Kimono Aloha shirt coordination example

If you have an allo shirt,
I don't have to worry about choosing a holiday clothes anymore.

  • Dinner party
  • Alumni association
  • Going out with a child and couple
  • Travel with a couple
  • Kabuki and musicals

Have you ever been worried about what to wear?
Unlike work, choose holidays. I'm in trouble.

At work, a suit, cutter shirt, tie, and leather shoes.
Since there is a fixed shape, the coordination is decided without worrying.

As a result of worrying about the closet on holidays, the usual cutter shirts, slacks, and leather shoes.
There is not much change from work clothes.

"What should I wear?"

After all, I was worried about taking out my clothes from the closet and eventually dressing.

With Far East Fabric's Aloha shirt, just put one Aloha shirt in your usual outfit and the outfit is determined elegantly.

Colorful kimono shirt

Introducing the outfit

This time, I prepared black, white and beige pants. I think it's a frequently used pants. I made a combination of black leather shoes that are often used in work, and the coordinates with Aloha shirts with white sneakers.

Navy shirt coordinates

I did a navy Aloha shirt.

A navy shirt is a very convenient piece because it is determined by any pants. The combination of black pants and black leather shoes also has a chic and slender effect.

In white and beige, a resort feeling comes out and you can create a moderate sense of omission in the elegance. Aloha shirts have a lot of colors, but if you get lost, we recommend that you buy one navy.

Coordination of Aloha shirt

White (beige) shirt coordinates

Considering the slacks you wear at work, I think there are many black, navy and gray.

Therefore, as soon as the aloha shirt comes with white or beige, an elegant and stylish Aloha style is completed.

Aloha shirts have many Japanese patterns. A white Aloha shirt has a faint Japanese pattern. When it looks like a white shirt for a moment, it is a stylish adult that you can see a casual Japanese pattern.

A bright color shirt can be worn regardless of the scene

Aloha shirt is a two -sword style

Cool biz style by bringing an Aloha shirt on your regular business style.
Elegant off -coordinates by bringing sneakers and chinos.
Aloha shirt is a very convenient two -sword style shirt. You can play an active part in both scenes.

In particular, Far East Fabric incorporates "button -down style" instead of open collar so that it can be easily worn on or off. By using textile represented by Oshima Tsumugi instead of vivid and luxurious dyes, we propose an aloha style that is easy to dissolve in everyday life.

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