We support rakugo artist Tachibana Fumita

We, Far East Fabric, supports rakugo artist Bunta Tachibana.

Spread Japanese culture from the same hometown "Kitakyushu"

"I want to spread Japanese traditional culture to the world. ]
When I was working with such aspirations, Honjo Honjo, Yawata Nishi -ku, where our studio is, had a relationship with my hometown rakugo artist, Bunta Tachibana.

At that time, Bunta was trying to create Rakugo CAR so that rakugo could be held anywhere.
Kitakyushu had no "voting" that could always hold rakugo, so he wanted to expand the rakugo culture, but there was no place to rakugo.

So, why wouldn't Bunta be able to move anywhere like a car, like a car? I realized this idea.

Rakugo CAR opens up everywhere
Rakugo CAR opens up everywhere

There is a vaudeville in the car. The speaker is also built -in, so it can be used for a large square.
Rakugo CAR is actually used for events, roadside stations, and nursing homes.

Bunta who breaks common sense and Far East Fabric

The rakugo vaudeville moves. We were impressed with the attitude of Bunta, who is expanding traditional culture in a way that breaks down such common sense, and decided to support.

We are also trying to convey the splendor of the kimono to future generations by changing the shape to shirts and bags, not as a conventional kimono.

I think that cooperating together will be more interesting and fun to expand the Japanese traditional circle.

Far East Fabric shirt that Bunta also wears

Kimono Aloha shirt that Bunta also wears

Bunta also wears Far East Fabric shirts and wearing a vaudeville. I usually wear a kimono, but when traveling or meeting, it is useful that a kimono shirt is just right.

Click here for Oshima Tsumugi shirt worn by Bunta Tachibana

We also sell product at the vaudeville of Bunta Tachibana.

We also sell goods at the vaudeville

You can have a product sales space for Tachibana Fumita's vaudeville, and you can actually pick up the Kimono product of Far East Fabric.

I want to experience not only photos and videos, but also texture! If you are, please touch it once.

Tachibana family Bunta Profile

Tachibana family Bunta Profile
Real name
Kohei Kawashima
Date of birth / hometown
May 5, 1987 / Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Rakugo Association
Tachibana family Bunzo
Coal mine
Korin ivy
Tachibana Family Bunta Channel

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