Rakugo artist, Bunta Tachibana visited the store

This time, I visited the rakugo association and a rakugo artist Bunta Tachibana.

Rakugoist Tachibana Fumita

Rakugoist Tachibana family Bunta Profile

Rakugo association
Tachibana family Bunzo
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture
Coal mine
Korin ivy

You Tube "Tachibana Family Bunta Channel

Bunta Tachibana is a rakugo artist from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, who was promoted to the second in 2020.

He was active in Tokyo, but he has lived in Kitakyushu since last year to excite his hometown Kitakyushu.

Is Kitakyushu a rakugo barren land?

In fact, Kitakyushu did not have a rakugo vocational, and rakugo fans went to Osaka and Tokyo.

Bunta wondered if there was a way to get closer and easier to touch rakugo.Rakugo CarWas developed.

Rakugo Car

Rakugo Car

This car, the contents are vulgar.
In other words, it is a car with a function that allows you to arrange a seat anywhere!

The other day, the prayer for safety was held at Takami Shrine.

Bunta Tachibana who shows rakugo
You can enjoy rakugo anywhere

A car is attached to the stairs of the shrine, the mat is drawn on the stairs, and the immediate vaudeville is completed!
Because you can do it outdoors, you can enjoy rakugo everywhere, such as nursing homes, schools, roadside stations, and festival venues.

The teacher also rushed to the rakugo car showRakugo CAR of Bunta Tachibana

Of course, Bunta said that not only rakugo, but also various uses such as comics and musical instruments.

Far East Fabric shirts and accessories can be purchased by actually touching them in Bunta's vaudeville!

Please enjoy Japanese culture and tradition with rakugo and kimono.