Our way of thinking about sales

Far East Fabric sells several times a year.

It is a good opportunity for the first time, such as those who buy kimono remake clothes and those who buy different colors, but may be scolded for being sold cheaply.

Therefore, I would like to talk about our way of thinking about the sale.

First of all, the product targeted for sale will be a shirt that remains as stock after more than a year. Since we remake kimonos that are no longer used, there is no option for disposal of disposal, such as ordinary apparel manufacturers. I want you to reach the next owner in any form.

Also, for a brand that has just stood up like us, keeping stock remaining also means that there is no financial grace. So we are taking a sale method to survive both kimonos and this brand.

Of course, manufacturing without product loss is the gentlest in the environment and I think it is a fair for customers. We think every day about the ideal manufacturing mechanism, but the steps are still small and our goals are far away. However, the determination to arrive there is still the same, and I want to remake kimonos in the future.

We look forward to working with you in the future.