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Far East Fabric through kimono remakes
To be able to leave the wonderful materials and technologies of kimono to future generationsKimono that can be used in everyday lifeIs the concept.

The kimono is made of high -quality silk (silk) as a material, and is characterized by elegant and supple touch.
The delicate fabric is tailored over a tremendous year, and it can be said to be a crystal of craftsmen's blood and sweat.

However, because kimonos are difficult to use everyday, and because they are custom -made for individuals, it is currently discarded in the used market that is not easy to price and is not branded regardless of material. 。

In addition, there are many attempts to remake kimonos and revive it in the present age, but due to the difficulty of sewing kimono fabric, it is distributed at a price that is difficult to reach.

We cooperate with Japanese tailor craftsmen, overseas sewing factories, and facilities for the disabled.
We succeeded in keeping kimono remake products at a price that is easy to reach.

By bringing out the goodness of kimono in the future
We aim to deliver smiles and excitement to the world.

Kimono Aloha shirt

Effective product prices that are realized by corporate cooperation

The price of Far East Fabric is about 1/2 of other companies that remake kimono fabric.
It does not use poor fabric or cut labor costs for craftsmen.

Inexpensive kimono remake products realized by corporate cooperation

The process until the shirt is completed,
Reverse each cost,
While maintaining the highest quality by each company playing a role
The contradiction of lowering the price was wonderfully realized.

Easy and stylish coordination is easily realized

All kimono fabrics have a variety of kimonos, from vivid to chic, but in Fur East Fabric, priority is given to calm colored kimono fabric, which is mainly made of woven called "Tsumugi". I use it as a target.

The main reason for using pongee is that it is easy to achieve elegant and stylish coordination simply by matching your usual pants and shoes.

Kimono remake that can be used in everyday lifeWe believe that it is the kimono material that was the best in the philosophy.

Elegant coordination of kimono Aloha shirt

Our way of thinking about kimonos

"Fashion is a business, not art."
This is the word of Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

The kimono is made through a beautiful, incredible complex and tremendous process.
It can be called art without exaggeration, and it is impossible to prohibit awe.

However, as a result of overtaking as an art, it can be said that kimonos have narrowed their own market.

Kimono is not something you can put in a glass case, but actually thinks that it is something that can be used to make the viewers feel "wonderful", and we think that kimonos that can be used in everyday life. I will think about it and develop the product.

Craftsmen tailor manually

Feelings in the brand name

Far East Fabric is a direct translation of "Far East fabric".
Far East is a word expressed when you see Japan from the world.

FAR EAST FARIC has the meaning of a change in the viewpoint of how the kimono looks when viewed from the world, not from Japan's perspective.

Kimonos are clothes born to wear by Japanese people since ancient times, but we are now overwhelmingly wearing clothes.
Kimonos are worn at events and are no longer active in everyday life.

If this is the case, the kimono culture and fabric itself may disappear.

Instead of protecting kimono culture from a conventional perspective, we will face kimonos from a multifaceted perspective.