Introducing how to handle kimono products.

About washing

How to wash kimono products
  1. Please dry cleaning.
  2. Apply the ironing cloth for the iron and apply it at medium temperature.
  3. Please avoid steam ironing.
  4. Please be careful when handling because it is a delicate material.
  5. Because it is a delicate material, please be careful about friction and hook with coarse surface such as belt and bag when worn.

Dry cleaning is the most suitable for silk washing.

Vulnerable to acid, alkali, and sunlight, and may shrink through water.
Also, due to dyeing, some discoloration may occur. If you are washed yourself, you may be able to shrink and change color.

After worn, let it dry through the wind.
By wearing an inner and wearing it, you can prevent the shirt from deterioration without sweat directly on the shirt.

How to keep

Be sure to dry cleaning, dry well before saving.
Also, be careful with insect repellent for storage because the silk made of protein is good on pests.