Would you like to make your dad cool with a kimono shirt?

Would you like to give a special shirt to your loved ones?

A design that uses high -quality silk and can cover the body shape. Return and exchange are also available for free.

Use high -quality fabric

The material used for kimono is the finest silk

Our kimono shirts"Tsumugi"I use a kimono.
It is a technique that weaves the dyed yarn first and tailored it into the dough. It is a kimono that can be created by a very distant craftsmanship that creates designs by weaving thousands or tens of thousands of times as the thread is designed.

Some things require a few months to be woven, and some costs over 1 million yen.

High quality silhouette

It is not a flashy pattern or color peculiar to kimono, but also features a calm color and a casual pattern, making it an elegant finish that adult men want to wear.

In addition, pongee is thick, so it will be firmly made when tailored to a shirt. Therefore, it is easy to incorporate it into a holiday style such as denim and chinos, as well as slacks, and is easy to match.

It is designed according to the length of the hidden buttocks, the torso, and the age of the father. If you are good, you can relax and make a thin type.

Fix / return free

When giving a present, the size may not match, such as "bigger, smaller, long length". In such a case, we return and exchange for free.

Also, if the length is too long after the product arrives, the length cut is also free. Please think that you can correct the shirt like a semi -order after giving a present.

Give a one -piece kimono Aloha shirt

Dad is surprisingly worried about clothes

Clothes on holidays and outing

Dad who always wear a suit is worried about what to wear on holidays.

I can't find any clothes that look good due to the changes in the body shape

I want to hide my stomach as much as possible, as much as possible. I want to show my style well.

But I want to wear high -quality clothes that suit my age

I want to wear high -quality items not only from mass retailers, but also for special outings.

One -piece kimono Aloha that can be worn without choosing a scene

I want to give something that I can really use

A shirt that I usually get used to

Dad wears a shirt most.

The best thing to wear at work is a cutter shirt.
Shirts are more relieved for everyday wear.

Elegant just by adding to your clothes now

Denim, slacks, sneakers, leather shoes. Because it can be adjusted to anything, it is easy to coordinate and is not troubled.

Colorful kimono shirt

How about a kimono shirt for your dad?

A special shirt with only one piece in the world
The same thing is the only gem that is not two because it makes one piece from one kimono one.
Polite work by handicrafts of craftsmen
One craftsman will be responsible for cutting, sewing, button, and press.
100%silk's highest -class fabric
We use 100%of silk, which is also used for luxury brand clothes.
Design to cover the body shape
The slightly larger size and the effect of the pattern of the kimono make it difficult to understand the body shape. The length is enough to hide the buttocks, so there is no anxiety that you can see your stomach.
Adjustment of length is free
I want to make it XL, but the length may be too long. In such a case, if you can tell us your height, the craftsman will cut it to the appropriate size. It is free of charge.
Reliable after -follow
You can make a length cut for free even after purchase.
In the unlikely event that the size does not match and you want to return or exchange, it is safe because it supports free of charge.

Craftsman introduction


After graduating from high school, she became a disciple in a men's clothing tailor. She has a wide range of experience, from custom -made to ready -made clothes and fixes. She later founded her own workshop "Fashion Studio Bouquet" and became independent. She celebrates her 20th anniversary next year.
There are many orders that require special skills such as politicians' event costumes and special effects hero costumes. She has many famous customers, from famous businessmen to celebrities.
She became a Far East Fabric designer since 2020. She is supervising all works.

Head designer
Image wearing a shirt. The silk shirt has an elegant luster

customer's voice


It arrived the next day after ordering. Thank you. I was glad that her daughters also said that it was a good shirt. A kimono commentary was written on the enclosed pamphlet, and I was surprised that each kimono had a story. I want to take good care of it.


I used it as a gift for her father. She also liked her father so much that she wore it on the spot and went home. Thank you very much for her.

Nana -like

Order for gifts. The other party was afraid of being a super -luxury shirt. It was the correct answer to choose. Thank you very much.

Mitaro -sama

I bought it for her grandfather's 60th birthday celebration. I was so happy that I heard that I always wore it when I went out, so I was glad I bought it.

At the end

Choosing a gift is a worries.
When you notice, you always give the same thing and get tired of yourself.

So why don't you change your taste a little this year and make your father cool with a special kimono shirt with only one piece in the world?

I only have myself in the world.
The colors and patterns that I chose for myself.

I think he will take care of it all the time.

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