About SDGs

Utilize the cuts of kimono fabric as an initiative for SDGs

SDGs is
Sustainable Development Goals
It was named after taking the acronym.


Translated directly "Sustainable development goals"

In order for the earth to be a better environment, it has been set to be a guideline for 193 countries from poverty to energy to achieve by 2030.

Far East Fabric's initiative

In Far East Fabric, a new life is blown into the kimono fabric that is no longer used.

  • 7. Energy to everyone, and clean
  • 12. Responsibility to make, responsibility to use

I will contribute to.

In addition, by collaborating with facilities for the disabled, overseas affiliated factories, kimono shops in domestic, and workshops.

  • 8. Breaking and economic growth
  • 9. Let's create a foundation for industry and technological innovation
  • 17. Achieve your goals with partnerships

I will contribute to.