What about durability?

In the kimono, pongee has less color retreat and deterioration, and it is called a creature kimono worn in the three generations to parent and grandchildren.

Also, if you wear it many times, it will fit into your body like jeans. Please be careful about the high temperature because the material is silk.
We recommend low temperature when ironing.

Is there a S size development?

S size is not manufactured.

Kimono fabric has a feature that does not expand and contracts, so we recommend a 5cm length cut of L size for customers who usually wear S size.

Cuts with length and sleeve length are free. If you are worried about the L size around the neck or around the chest, please use the free fitting service.

Is there a large size such as XXL size?

The XXL size or higher is made to order. If you have a favorite shirt, please mail it and make a pattern based on the shirt. For more information, feel free to contact us by contact form or phoneinquiryplease give me.

Can I make my kimono a shirt now?

Is possible. We accept production in our regulation size or in custom -made size.

We will also do the thread, so please mail it to us while you have it. For more information, feel free to contact us by phone or telephoneinquiryplease give me.

Can you cut the length even after purchase?

Is possible. If you are worried about the length after purchase, please feel free to contact us. I will adjust it until it becomes the length you like. (You cannot make a short length longer)

Is it possible to pack long sleeves?

Is possible. Adjust to the length you want. If you are new, please use the free fitting service. If you fasten the enclosed clip with the desired sleeve length and return it, we will measure the length here and adjust it according to its length.