Kimono Eco Bag Compact Size S Size Gray Oshima Tsumugi 005



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It is a smart and compact eco bag tailored using kimono fabric.
It is a handmade one by craftsmen.

After folding, you can easily round it with a rubber band. It is a size that is not bulky even in the bag.

Because it is like a furoshiki, the luggage inside is stable.
A feeling of size with 2 500ml PET bottles. It is also recommended for carrying lunches and small accessories.

It is a luxurious eco bag tailored with Oshima Tsumugi fabric.

Product size / material
・ Width: about 24 cm
・ Width: about 11 cm
・ Height: about 15 cm
・ When folding: 11 x 6 cm cylindrical shape
・ Fabric part: 100% pure silk (silk)


Kimono Eco-Bag

Eco bag that folds at once

It is an eco bag that can be folded at once by pulling both ends. Large -capacity L size with plenty of food and daily necessities. The perfect size for everyday shopping.

Compact and carry

A S size that is convenient for accessories and small shopping when you go out. After folding, it is convenient to carry and carry it.

It is a durable pongee fabric, and is also durable.

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