Kimono Aloha shirt Long sleeve gray check pattern L22-12



後払い paidy



L size

Long sleeve

It is a long -sleeved shirt tailored in pongee kimono fabric.

The first place with a simple check pattern is woven in a color based on gray. Enjoy a vintage kimono shirt in the world.

A kimono remake shirt that is all hand -tailored by craftsmen, unwinding the kimono.
For elegant and stylish coordination with your usual pants.

Product size / material
・ L size
・ Pure silk (silk) 100%




FAR EAST FABRIC の着物服は、すべて一点物です。一着のお着物から、一着のお洋服をお仕立てしています。














Introducing how to handle kimono products.

About washing

How to wash kimono products
  1. Please dry cleaning.
  2. Apply the ironing cloth for the iron and apply it at medium temperature.
  3. Please avoid steam ironing.
  4. Please be careful when handling because it is a delicate material.
  5. Because it is a delicate material, please be careful about friction and hook with coarse surface such as belt and bag when worn.

Dry cleaning is the most suitable for silk washing.

Vulnerable to acid, alkali, and sunlight, and may shrink through water.
Also, due to dyeing, some discoloration may occur. If you are washed yourself, you may be able to shrink and change color.

After worn, let it dry through the wind.
By wearing an inner and wearing it, you can prevent the shirt from deterioration without sweat directly on the shirt.

How to keep

Be sure to dry cleaning, dry well before saving.
Also, be careful with insect repellent for storage because the silk made of protein is good on pests.

Adjust / repair of size

The length can be repaired by the following length.
We accept it for free.

Adjustment length
5 cm shorter, 8 cm shorter, 10 cm shorter

When ordering, please fill in the "order memo" in the cart.

When fixing the size, we have around 7 days to deliver.
* Returns are not possible when ordering.

Size precautions

* Kimono fabric is delicate, so it has weak elasticity.
We recommend that you wear it with a certain margin to make your shirt last longer.

If you usually wear L size perfectly, you can spend more comfortably when you wear XL size.


I got the goods, so I saw them right away. My husband was very happy with a more beautiful shirt than I saw on the net. Thank you for answering the size carefully.

Nakano -sama

It is an impression that I tried through the sleeves. The fabric was thicker and solid than I had imagined. I thought it would be better to match it with slacks and leather shoes because it was a kimono, but it fits well in jeans. This was a nice miscalculation.

Mr. Enoe

I bought it for going out, but it was so beautiful that I wore it immediately. I thought it would be difficult to handle because it was silk, but it is easy to wear and comfortable. I can't say if the fabric grows more, but it can't be helped because it's a kimono. I think the size is one size larger as written.


I bought a shirt for Oshima Tsumugi. I had never touched the fabric, so I was worried a lot, but because of the video, the image of gloss and color was easy to understand. At the end, I heard about the feel and size over the phone, and if it was different from what I thought, it was possible to return it, so my worries were resolved and I was able to purchase it. The product arrived in two days and it was very quick. The shirt was, of course, the best. I am very satisfied. I would be glad if there was a store in Tokyo and I could actually see the shirt. From now on, this is my expectation.


It arrived the next day after ordering. Thank you. I was glad that my daughters also said that it was a good shirt. A kimono commentary was written on the enclosed pamphlet, and I was surprised that each kimono had a story. I want to take good care of it.


I have been loving Aloha shirts for many years. Every year, I buy 2-3 clothes at familiar shops, and my house has more than 50 collections. As I got older, it became troublesome to wear bright and flashy colors, and I was looking for something more calm and met nerds. There were many calm, elegant pattern Aloha shirts, and I was worried about looking at the product on the website of the store for about a month. I was really worried because new works came out while I was worried. It was my first time to buy clothes online, but thank you very much for your kind explanation on the phone. When I was worried about the shirt with a red flower on the turtle shell, I heard that the saotetsu and roses were motifs, so I decided to make it interesting because it was an impossible pattern with other Aloha shirts. I remember that I was looking forward to arrival and couldn't sleep on the day I bought it. The shirt that arrived is a red flower pattern, but the base is dark navy. It was an overwhelming presence that was not in the collection so far. It is definitely my treasure shirt.


It was more than expected. I want to cherish it.


The shipment was quick, and the packing was polite. The color was beautiful and much better than the photo. Thank you very much.

Wind Earth

Since my grandmother was from Amami Oshima, I had always been longing for Oshima Tsumugi. This time, I saw Governor Okinawa wearing Kariyushi's shirt as a cool biz, and I purchased it because I wanted to wear Oshima Tsumugi shirts. First of all, I was fascinated by the unique luster finished with mud dyeing. The color changed slightly depending on the viewing angle, and it was glossy, but also had a robust image somewhere. It was the feel when I touched it, but I felt the suppleness of the skin that was moist and the skin. I was surprised at the feeling I had never felt in my life. When you pass through the sleeves, it fits lightly on your body. I am a small uncle less than 170cm, but it was just right in L size. I usually put on my closet, but this shirt is decorated in the living room and drinking shochu while watching it is one of my pleasures now. I am grateful that I met the best shirt. I will visit again.


Thank you very much.


I used it as a gift for my father. My father also liked it, so I wore it on the spot and went home. I'm really thankful to you.

Aki -sama

It was a wonderful degree of perfection that was the same as what I made in the tailor shop. I think it is very advantageous considering the price.


Anyway, the reaction from around is good. Both women and men ask about shirts. It is a shirt that makes you want to talk to people. I'm satisfied.


I thought it was flashy in the picture, but it looks nice when I wear it. I bought it for private, but I would like to consider what I can wear for.

Ryo -sama

Oshima Tsumugi's unique texture is irresistible. You can wear it, or decorate it and look at it. Thank you very much.


There was a little dent in the box, but it probably came during delivery. There was no problem with the shirt. You cherish.

Nana -like

Order for gifts. The other party was afraid of being a super -luxury shirt. It was the correct answer to choose. Thank you very much.


Use relatively nerves when worn because the fabric does not grow. I was happy to ask my friend about the shirt.


Thank you for the wonderful goods.

KN Brook

The kimono shirt was easy to distort the curves around the neck and arms, but it was wonderful. We are considering additional purchases.


The shirt that arrived was a little small, so I changed it to a large size. It was a quick and polite response. Thank you very much.


I bought it in Cool Biz in summer. When I went to work and went to work, the elderly immediately realized that Oshima Tsumugi became the seeds. I felt that I bought something good.

Kotaro Abe

I will stir my desire to own it. I am looking forward to the new work.


I decided to buy while waiting for a new work for months. Is it difficult to take a long time to make a new work because it's handmade? The goods are all a wonderful word.

Runa Daddy

I liked it with a very interesting clothes where you can feel the goodness of the kimono if you touch it without claiming too much. I would like to see the development of jackets.

Mr. Takeshi Kuroiwa

very good. You can also feel particular about the combination of pattern and color. There is only a good thing.

Mr. Takaoka

Aloha was flashy and had resistance, but the shirt here is elegant and easy to wear. I go on a holiday with this shirt on UNIQLO pants.

Kenji U

When I contacted me that the color was different from what I thought, she responded without trouble. I was surprised because I didn't think I could respond honestly. I am grateful.


The kimono eco bag is convenient because it can be folded in a bag.


Just wearing this makes you feel fashionable. The reputation from around is very good.


The fabric was more crisp than expected. It may have been good on one size.


It's a cool Aloha.

Yuki Fukunaga

It was a cute coat than the photo! ! thank you very much!


It was a unique and very nice shirt. The making was polite and I really liked it. In addition, the response after ordering was quick and helpful.


It was an adult shirt. cool! !


I wanted to know that there was such a thing sooner. Thank you very much.


Thank you for a very cool shirt. It seems to be useful in the coming season.

Mitaro -sama

I bought it for my grandfather's 60th birthday celebration. I was so happy that I heard that I always wore it when I went out, so I was glad I bought it.

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